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Merle Lisabeth Sibbel

"One in a melon"

Merle is a director and concept designer with a background in all disciplines of art, ranging from music, painting and photography to costume design.


She focuses on strong ideas, translating a client’s vision into the suitable visual language and directing that process on set and in post-production. She is love and brains, and will make sure your project has that authentic touch it needs.


After graduating art-school in her homecountry the Netherlands, Merle hurried off to Berlin to chase her artistic dreams, be immersed in the city’s wildly creative scene and play music. She soon grew into an artistic adviser as well as visual artist and music-video director for many of her musical friends. Merle puts the passion in passionfruit and with her fruity friends Mark and Nick, will get your creative juices flowing for sure.


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