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Nick John Scholey

"Squeeze the day!"

Nick is a cinematographer, director and music producer. He found his love for creative projects 25 years ago upon purchasing a 4-track tape recorder and began a journey into music production.

With a thirst for creative projects and a work ethic that gave birth to the handle “gotobednickscholey” he soon realised that just sound wasn’t enough. He packed his bags and a camera and moved to Berlin. The vibrant city fed his Schmetterling-like social thirst and he started capturing his friends, including musicians, artists and comedians, on screen as well as sound.


Soon he found himself being the go-to person for all sorts of audiovisual productions, from music videos to milk-commerials. Nick is a bomb of energy, a whirlwind of ideas and the person to go that extra mile to make your production perfect. With his new-found fruity companions Merle and Mark, abundance will be manifested.


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